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Welcome the IoN website!
This is home of the Inheritors of Nitrogen (IoN) and where you may find all that we have to offer from our Code of Conduct to upcoming clan battles. May your stay with us be long lasting, fun, and beneficial

Halo Division Recruiting Contest!
The Halo divison is having a recruiting contest that will be going on until Monday, July 31st, 12:00a.m est! The prize for whoever gets the most recruits will receive $50. Make sure to have your recruit message IoN Sinister with your name in order for it to count towards you. Your recruit will not count towards your total if you do not. Good Luck to everyone!

Here on IoN's website you will see the four main pages that make the IoN website a great tool to use to become a great and valuable member to our community.

the home page is where you will find main events, polls, whos on the website currently, news, and more!

The forums is a great place to start new conversations and to get to know your fellow members who are and are not within your squad. It is also where you can introduce yourself to the rest of the community and post practice attendance.

IoN's member page is where you will see the list of all the current members and their ranks, even your own! It is also where you will find the duties and requirements for each rank to help you rise to the top!

Code of Conduct:
The Code of Conduct page is where you will find the rules of IoN and is the most essential information for every member. The rules are meant to create a healthy, fun, respectful atmosphere within IoN.

This page is where you may find montages and other videos made by fellow IoN members. This is also where you will find links to external media that contains stats for individual players, and possibly your whole squad!

Now that you know the structure of the site go explore and learn what it means to be part of the IoN family!

Guardians of IoN Bungie Clan

Hello fellow Guardian! This message is specifically meant for you! We have more to offer than just a website and practices, but we also have our clan page. By joining it you will be able to communicate and connect with the rest of the destiny community easier. You will also have the opportunity to receive achievements that aren't available to those who don't join! If your interested in joining make sure to click the link below!

Halo Spartan Company and Saviors Club

Spartan Company
If you are a part of the Halo squad: Saviors. Then this message is for you! IoN has more to offer than just a website, we also have a Spartan company named 'IoN clan" on Halo waypoint. It is not mandatory that you join it, but it is suggested! So if you are interested click the link below to view the company page so you may send it a request and it will be accepted when possible.

Saviors Club
The Saviors squad also has a club that you must join. It is where we keep our information such as when the practice's will begin and who will be hosting them! It serves as a vital function to the Saviors and is important if you would like to keep up to date on the Saviors activity. It is mandatory that you join it. When you can ,join it, by sending it an application to "IoN Saviors" over the Xbox One and it will be accepted As soon as possible!
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