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Code of Conduct
1. We don't tolerate unsportsmanlike conduct to fellow members of ION which includes teabagging, shooting, or punching dead bodies etc

2.  There are no armor color uniforms enforced practices, tournaments, or clan battles. We do ask that you have your rank in your service tag for practices though (if applicable).

3,  We don't abandon ION members in matchmaking.

4.  We don't discriminate neither should you.

5.  Must be 15 years or older. Exceptions can be made by the squad general.
6.  ION should be your only Xbox clan.

7.  We don't harass our people verbally or non verbally etc.

8.  Show all members respect.

9.  We ask for no cheating, modding, hacking, or modded controllers in practice or tournaments.

10. We don't tolerate drama, no exceptions!

11. Have your motto/bio set to the proper format.

12. Finally make sure to have fun!