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Makes Sure to visit, and support IoN Leviathan and IoN Locus's videos and Channels for all the effort they put into their montages!

Halo Waypoint

Halo Waypoint is where IoN members within a Halo squad may observe their service record, commendations and more! It is Also where you can observe your Spartan Company's service record and commendations to keep track of how close that squad is to the Achilles armor! It is also where you can see who the top players of your squad is for win percentage, k/d, ect. As of right now there is only one Halo squad, so there is only one company. Click the link below to visit the Saviors Spartan company page!

Halo Tracker

Halo Tracker is the most detailed and advanced stat tracker to date for anyone who plays Halo. There you can find everything from your k/d to how many specific medals you've earned since day one of your Halo 5 career. On the main page you will see a search bar at the top left, type in your Gamertag and that's it! You can also observe the stats of your friends or well known community members! Click the link below to visit the best Halo 5 stat tracker!