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Halo 5

Duties: A General may adjust the squad schedule and practice time if needed. They also are responsible for promoting and demoting officers, ensuring the squad is run properly, and has final say in all squad issues.
Requirements: To reach this rank you must show maturity,  responsibility, and leadership as a Major or Commander. Furthermore you must have a high activity within IoN


Duties: Runs all day-to-day operations of the squad. Posts messages to the squad via GN Tag. Administer officer tests, promoting and demoting all officers. Runs officer meetings. Reports to the IoN Council on a regular basis. Sets and adjusts squad practices as needed.
Requirements: Must be fully trained to perform all duties of the entire squad. Be active, attending more than 2 practices per week for at least 16 weeks. Go above and beyond the duties of a commander and be a respectable role-model for all members.
This rank grants the Admin Role.